Community Outreach


Community Outreach

Eddie Ruth Brawley | Section Coordinator

DERM provides mental, spiritual, physical and emotional support to persons in the state and nation who are impacted by natural or human disasters. By engaging church members, community and business leaders, DERM assists with the healing process and recovery, which is necessary following a catastrophic event.
Coordinator: Johnnie Williams

This ministry seeks to fulfill the Great Commission and to joyfully share the love of God by witnessing in word and action. This ministry strives to teach, to do and to be the Good News of Jesus Christ. Activities include the Members Class and Thanksgiving Baskets Project. Contact: Johnnie Flemming

The mission of the food pantry is to provide food staples to persons in need living in the Greater Columbia area. The pantry, which is open on Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m., is operated by the Deacon Ministry and volunteers from the congregation. Coordinator: Lorenza Breedlove

The mission of this ministry includes the following:
To provide legal assistance and/or advice to church members as well as the general public, including the preparation of wills, providing education on various issues of concern relating to finances, and promoting good citizenship and respect for the law by all persons. Membership is open to persons in the judicial, criminal justice and law enforcement fields as well as social workers, firefighters, emergency responders and other interested persons. Contact: Deacon William Pyatt, Attorney

Other People Excel (HOPE)
This ministry, originally named Prison Visitation Ministry, visits incarcerated persons and share the Gospel, to provide Christian literature that enhances incarcerated persons’ knowledge of Christ while providing witnessing opportunities and to assist in providing after-care service to offenders upon their release and seeking their church attendance. Contact : Rev. Elizabeth Deas

This ministry’s mission is to provide support to and share information and resources with persons who have completed their military service as well as those currently on active duty. Contact: Melvin Everson

This ministry’s mission affirms that all members are endowed with special God-given gifts. This ministry coordinates our system of recruiting volunteers and matches needs with identified gifts and interests.
Contact: Lanita C. Jones